Teamz by ScopeConsult is a collaboration platform that enables high performance teamwork and seamless coordination and transparency between task execution stakeholders.

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Teamz is role-based

The sponsors are:

Taskowner: Default for the user that creates a new task to be managed. Delegates active roles. Overall ownership
Client: Role for the user that will receive the deliverables produced in executing the task and release payments. Negotiate the terms of the task.
Provider: Role for the user that provide and deliver the deliverables. Negotiate the terms towards the Client.

The performers are:

TaskManager: Role for the user that will organise the structure of the Task and create and staff activities.
TaskDispatcher: Role for the users that will create activities, allocate resources and align with backoffice.
ActivityTeamMember: Role for one or more users that execute activities that produce the deliverables.

You have more roles to play

When you are employed in a company that uses Teamz, you will be ActivityTeamMember in some tasks, and may be TaskManager in other tasks. You may even be both roles in some tasks.
At home when you hire contracters to refurbish your house, you will be TaskOwner and Client.
If you run a private business and have a project toward a customer, you will be TaskOwner and Provider - and possible TaskManager as well
If you have skills that are necessary in activities, you will be ActivityTeamMember and use your ressources to produce deliverables for the Client

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